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Countless types of expression of love

Love that there are a variety of ways, each will have their own unique expression. Love nothing exciting, vigorous love, I want here as long as your heart, and that is the best. Love may not return, but there you you eternal heart, and why should they care which the gain and loss? There are many ways and I chose plain love, maybe your love vows, maybe you love Haikushilan maybe your love world can learn a lesson, can dull then why not the definition of love? To have a lot of man-love to let go, is love hesitate dead, even though you travels to each corner of the love, experienced a drama of love, but in the end there will be a result that everything will return to calm ...

There are many ways and I select contingent and seen all the world to experience the vicissitudes of life, silence is perhaps the best expression of love love. The silencing Let everyone has learned the silent treatment contemplation Pretrial blossom, and watch the sky Yunjuanyunshu. When you appropriate course all this probably would not have had vigorous now line the same Mo Road. Silence is the best language, do not have to explain, do not need to complain about, I think the appropriate course love Other Kind of Interpretation!

Love that there are a variety of ways, and I chose silence, quietly watching the silent blessing. Once after all just a memory, no one to regret, nobody nostalgia, say dream too good too cruel reality. Silent each negligent meet unexpectedly silent growth each experience. Loved to know how deep the wounds, the injuries they know how long the path of growth, growth became aware of the silence is so wonderful, I think silence is the interpretation of love!

Love that there are a variety of ways, human growth give it a second definition.

Love that there are a variety of ways, the road of life is to give it a story. Love that there are a variety of ways, each time the story takes place and the end to give it a better interpretation.

Love a variety of ways, maybe you can give it the best answer ...


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